05/29/07 Nora Pierce

Nora Pierce is a former student of Marc’s who just released her first novel, The Insufficiency of Maps.  She is also a Wallace Stegner Fellow in fiction at Stanford University.

Here are some links to more of her writing and more information.

East Side, West Side. (story)

Guess Who Loves Me Now? (story)

Official Simon & Schuster page

-Jessica Phillips


2 Responses

  1. I know absolutely nothing about the book, but I must say that its title makes me uncomfortable. I think Oscar Wilde all but depleted the category of book titles, “The Abstract Noun of the Object of a Preposition” in titling his best known work after such a pattern (“The Importance of Being Earnest”). It was the double-entendre, perhaps, that redeemed it. Or the play itself – which is entirely possible, in any case. I just think there are other title forms both relatively unexplored and under-appreciated. What about the simple predicate nominative statement, “Maps are Insufficient”; add to that a rhetorical device, like litotes if it’s too plain: “Maps Are Not a Little Insufficient”; try a reversal of some sort, perhaps, like “Maps Are Lacking in Sufficiency” (there you have a bit of the “Earnest” thing Wilde so cleverly conceived); or use the participle of some interesting verb, bring in a thesaurus, as in “Cartography is Plagued by Insufficiency”. Predicate nominatives are just one such form…

  2. I heard the show and thought it was a great interview, interesting to hear the background of the writer. I’ve read the book and found it very poignant. It is an excellent book – the writing is spare, and Pierce has the ability to create moods with the minimum of economy, a great talent. I highly recommend this book.

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