06/06/07 The Six Day War with Tom Segev

This June marks the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War. Like anything else in history that has anything to do with Israel, this topic can still inflame passions, exacerbate tensions, cause arguments, etc.

To commemorate the anniversary of this important time in history, we’ll be joined by Tom Segev. He is an Israeli journalist and historian who just recently wrote a book on the Six Day War called 1967: Israel, the War, and the Year that Transformed the Middle East. Tom’s previous books challenged accepted views of Israeli history. In this book he works to provide a complete and holistic account of all of the social, historical, psychological, national, and international factors that led to the war.

Should be a great hour with, I’m sure, many passionate callers. Too shy for the phone? Leave your comments here!!!

-Jessica Phillips


2 Responses

  1. I can’t help but see in the state of Israel all too many of the debilitating symptoms of that horrible disease which afflicts all too many governments: Fascism. It saddens me. I’m not an anti-Zionist, but I can’t ignore the militaristic, the nationalistic, and the expansionist tendencies of the Israeli government. Some of the more extreme nationalists even stake an historic claim to the region of Palestine and certainly the Zionists among American evangelicals homilize about the “return to former glory” (what were Mussolini’s plans for Italy again?) that will precede the second coming. Fortunately, it’s not mainstream in Israel. Ehud Olmert, on the other hand, acts the part from time to time. He failed, however, to gain much lebensraum in last summer’s escapades. I should have emailed or something to get Mr. Segev’s opinion, but I was too busy discussing music with Jonathan the engineer. A poor excuse.

    I should make it clear that I just think it’s an interesting analogy, I wouldn’t say that it’s a particularly strong one. I doubt it could stand up to any informed scrutiny.

  2. Sorry, that was David Summers, the intern, who is altogether unfamiliar with blogs and did not realize he was posting as “themarcsteinershow”. Naturally his comments are his own and bear no relation to the views of Marc Steiner or “themarcsteinershow”. -David Summers

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