06/14/07 Andres Alonso, new CEO of BCPSS


Who the heck is Andres Alonso?

Well, starting July 1st, the new CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools.

He’s also a Cuban immigrant, a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School.  He’s been a teacher and was most currently the Number 2 official in the New York City Public School System.

He’s also our guest tomorrow at Noon.

Now, I know you all are passionate about our schools and how they need to be reformed.  I hope to see lots and lots of comments and ideas in this blog.  Anything posted before the show will be given to Marc so he can consider to read or ask during the program.



update:  Don’t miss our two hour special with Dr. Andres Alonso that will air from 7-9 pm on August 22nd on WYPR!


2 Responses

  1. could you share with us the name of the spanish poet or better yet the name of the spanish poem dr. alonso referred to in his interview with marc steiner yesterday? thanks. i think others would enjoy it too. -cmb

  2. Questions to ask him:
    Seems like principals loved him in NY. What about teachers? Here in Baltimore principals are gaining more and more control of ‘their’ schools, leaving the teaching staff and others in a subordinate position.

    How was his relations with the AFT (the Union)?

    Being a former ESOL student himself, will he be supportive of 2nd Language Learners and the ESOL program or is he one like others who turn their backs on their backgrounds once they ‘made it’?

    He was instrumental in closing schools in NY that teach pregnant girls. What will he do with Paquin?

    One of the main problems with NCLB is that a school that deals with disruptive and dangerous students by suspending or expelling them, the school is labeled ‘dangerous’, and open to restructuring. The response is to keep very disruptive students in school with minimal consequences. The school avoids the label but in reality it’s indeed a very dangerous school. What is Dr. Alonso’s position on this contradiction and Catch 22?

    Myles Hoenig
    (ESL teacher in Balt. City, and a really pissed off BGE customer)

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