06/20/07 noon Maryland Politics


I took this picture looking east from the top of Federal Hill recently.  Lots of cranes around the harbor, lots of development going on.

The plan for this hour is to talk about development around the city and state, along with other state political issues, with a focus on Maryland’s budget.

We have a group of journalists joining us for the discussion: Charles Robinson, statehouse reporter for MPT’s State Circle, Joanna Sullivan, editor of the Baltimore Business Journal and Blair Lee IV, columnist for The Gazette.



One Response

  1. Marc,
    I called in and got a little flabbergasted/irritated by Mr. Lee (who admitted that he “has a dog in the fight” when it comes to real estate) when I mentioned the proposed Terrapin Run development just north of Green Ridge State Forest. I stated that this development is shortsighted. Mr. Lee argued that people already commute 3-4 hours/day to the Baltimore/Washington area and that development in this aforementioned metro area is being limited. Mr. Lee asked “where are they going to live?”, and I responded “where are they living now?”. Well, what I wanted to say but didn’t have a chance to is this:
    Do we have refuge camps on the sides of our highways because people can’t find housing? No. Aren’t there thousands of interesting houses in Baltimore that are affordable (where I live)? Yes.
    Mr. Lee, if you are out there, stop getting off on listening to your own voice and listen to what others are saying. This Terrapin Run development is asinine for the following reasons:
    1) The area right on the other side of Sideling Hill is almost all forested and acts as a perfect watershed for one of the last fisheries in the state of Maryland that is in a near pristine condition
    2) This area is the dryest in the state. Where would the proposed 11,000 people get their water? Every year, the tributaries of Fifteenmile Creek run dry and commonly, so does Fifteenmile creek itself. In dry areas, aquifers also exhibit limited water volume.
    3) The developer is betting on that a majority of these 11,000 people will commute to the Baltimore/Washington area EVERY DAY. As I said in the show, our metro area is ALREADY one of the worst for air quality (check out the American Lung Association’s website) and Global Warming is already a big problem (even George W now admits that it exists…wow). The notion that people are going to get in their Cadillac Escalades and drive 3.5 – 4 hours/day sickens me. In addition, there are no schools, churches, grocery stores etc. in this area…therefore people will have to drive a long way just to pick up a pack of cigarettes.
    4) This development is “dumb growth”. Check out http://www.acgrowth.org (Citizens for Smart Growth in Allegany County) for more information.

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