06/25/07 1pm Camelia Entekhabifard


Finished reading the articles for noon and looking for something else to read over the weekend?  Read the book that we’ll be discussing in the second hour on Monday with author Camelia Entekhabifard.  It’s called Camelia: Save Yourself By Telling the Truth, A Memoir of Iran. 

Camelia was born and raised in Tehran.  She has a pretty incredible story about being imprisoned there for her work as a journalist, and charming her way into an opportunity to flee the country after some horrible months in solitary confinement.

Now she lives in New York City and continues her work as a journalist around the world.  Just not in Iran.



2 Responses

  1. Kick but 73s . Great show Great guess Marc . Camelia be strong . Change has to come . Have a blessed day.

  2. Just finished reading Camelia:Save Yourself by Telling the Truth. She lived with hope and intelligence in the prison, but had to tell lies and play a role in order to get free…I believe the title of her book (taken from the prison confession forms she had to fill out) is her ironic way of saying, after all the heartache of playing someone else in order to survive, she is now able to come clean and tell all. Thank you. Camelia, for giving us yet another view of the horrors of Sharia Iran.

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