06/27/07 1 PM Maria Allwine


Whatever you think of her politics, you have to respect the passion and commitment that Maria Allwine shows to the causes that are dear to her.

Her newest incarnation is as the Green Party candidate for President of the City Council of Baltimore City.  She’ll be joining us today to discuss her agenda for that office.  What would she do if elected?  She’s run for office before, but never served.  Would her history of political activism translate into effective political leadership?  What would it mean for Baltimore to have someone like Maria Allwine at the helm of our city council?

Join us with your thoughts and questions.



2 Responses

  1. “What would it mean for Baltimore to have someone like Maria Allwine at the helm of our city council?”…

    It would mean we would finally have a break from the one party system in Baltimore City. It would also mean that we would have leadership that would put the citizens of Baltimore City first, and politics and special interests last.

    I enjoyed listening to Maria on today’s show. She is a breath of fresh air that is desperately needed in Baltimore.

  2. Robb, I’m a little late here, but thanks for your kind thoughts. I don’t know how much you know about the Green Party, but we take no corporate/special interest money which means we don’t represent those interests when we are elected to office. There are over 400 Greens in office in the US today (mostly in city/county councils, school boards and the like, along with one mayor of a 100,000+ city).

    I was talking to a former Baltimore city cop and he confirmed what I’ve been saying – the relationship between the mayor and state’s attorney in Balt city is critical and that is one of the primary reasons that there is no real far-reaching strategy regarding crime. This relationship must be repaired and strengthened. He also said that the police department has had no continuity/strategy over the past many years – they try this – try that, etc. I told him I thought that real community policing would work – but there is a way to do it and way not to – he agreed. We also must find the funds (I’m in favor of using the rainy day fund – we are in an emergency situation) to hire, train and pay to fill the vacant police slots. I am, as I said on Steiner, in favor of decriminalizing (or legalizing) drugs – which of course is not done at the city level – but – we must reallocate our police resources to go after the kingpins/large dealers who usually don’t even live in the city.

    If elected, I would convene a council of neighborhood activists to work on the issues that each one of us lives with every day – crime, education, taxes, BGE – you name it! Who better than to advise any elected official – the people who know their own neighborhoods. In a nutshell, that’s what’s really wrong with Baltimore, Maryland and our country. Government turns its back on its own people and that is why government no longer functions as it should. I would work with all I have to change that. If it doesn’t change, I’m afraid we are in for more violence, hopelessness and anger from ordinary people who no longer have a stake in our city or its government.

    I could go on – but…….

    Thanks so much for posting here. My website is almost finished but you can check it out at http://www.takebackbge.org. Or email me at mariaallwine@takebackbge.org – I’d love to hear what you have to say – any ideas you have – thanks again – Maria Allwine

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