07/23/07 Iraq, Iran, and Gee’s Bend


First off today, Iraqi-born, Maryland-residing professor Adil Shamoo joins us to discuss where he would like to see US foreign policy in Iraq go from here.  Here’s his July 16 editorial from The Sun: “America Should Leave Iraq, But For the Right Reasons.”

Then, we’ll hear about the long history of struggle for democracy within Iran.  Our guests are Janet Afary and Kevin B. Anderson.  They are husband and wife, and co-authors of both the book Foucault and The Iranian Revolution: Gender and The Seductions of Islamism and the recent article in The Nation magazine “The Iranian Impasse.”

Lastly, anyone been to The Walters Museum lately and seen The Gee’s Bend exhibit?  Tune in to hear an interview with Louisiana Bendolph and Mary Lee Bendolph, two of the quilters from Gee’s Bend, as well as Linda Day Clark, whose photographs from Gee’s Bend make up an accompanying exhibit.




3 Responses

  1. I took my mother, affectionately known as “the Quilt Bomber” to see this exhibit since she’s quilt-crazy and had been talking about Gees Bend quilts for a year. It was quite a weekend. I had to get her down from PA, take her Saturday morning of the opening weekend so she could meet with the ladies who were there then and then fan her from excitement the rest of the weekend! LOL Her photo wound up in the Baltimore Times, which I dutifully sent to all our relatives and friends. A good time was had by all…

  2. Will the Gee’s Bend show be put on the iTunes podcast? How does the decision making for that happen? And why are “From The Signal” shows pulled so quickly from the archives (not your show I know but still perplexing).

  3. The Gee’s Bend show is now on podcast. The shows are sometimes posted the same day, sometimes it takes a day or two. All shows are podcast and archived for 30 days for both The Marc Steiner Show and The Signal. If looking for an episode of The Signal after 30 days, you can visit The Signal site at http://www.signalradio.org/ where I believe Aaron/Lisa go back a full year.


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