08/22/07 President of Baltimore City Council Forum

Ooowee!  If you didn’t join us last night at the Enoch Pratt Free Library to hear the candidates for President of the Baltimore City Council argue their cases for why they should be elected, you missed out!  I’ll be honest; I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of working until 9:30.  But I had a great time and was really impressed by a lot of the things the candidates had to say. 

Couldn’t come?  That’s okay; we’re replaying the entire debate today, on air.  Tune in to hear Maria Allwine (G), Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D), Ken Harris (D), Michael Sarbanes (D), and Charles Ulysses Smith (D).  You’ll hear their answers to burning questions such as: If you had the power to do so, would you remove the Male/Female sculpture in front of Penn Station?  What high school did you go to?  And of course, we’ll talk serious policy issues; the drug problem, vacant homes, schools, taxes, etc.

Special thanks to the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City for arranging and hosting the event!

Don’t miss next weeks forum with the candidates for Mayor of Baltimore City!  Same time (Wednesday, 7pm), same place (Wheeler Auditorium, Enoch Pratt).  Call 410-377-7738 for more information.

Listen to the forum! Hour One  Hour Two



P.S. Extra points if you can determine exactly where the debate got a little dirty!

Poll: Who would you like to see be Baltimore City Council President?

Poll: If you had the power to, would YOU remove the Male/Female statue outside of Penn Station?


4 Responses

  1. Is it just me, or did we hear WAY TOO MUCH about Charles Smith….sorry, Charles ULYSSES Smith’s educational credentials, who he knows, and who he’s worked with? Even in answering questions that only required a two-second response, the man has something to say about this university or that, or this fort or government program or that non-profit or political friend. Meanwhile, I found out ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about how this man would run the city council. And no website to boot! Great!

  2. I’m finding the discussion of the transportation system in Baltimore hilarious…I think it’s Maria Allwine who lamented “if I wanted to take the bus to work, I’d have to take *2* buses.” Uh, public transportation doesn’t just run from your house to your job, that’d be a “chauffeur”. As one who has lived in MD for 15 years (10 of those in Baltimore City) without a car, I can say that Baltimore’s bus system isn’t all that bad for going back and forth to work. I take a bus and the subway and then walk to my office…the whole trip is about 25 minutes. But what is bad is the lack of decent transportation to jobs in the suburbs, transportation to certain areas after 5PM (try taking the M10 after 5PM) and the sorry excuse for a subway. One sorry line, infrequent runs after 6PM. And let’s don’t talk about how late the light rail gets started on the weekends and how weekend trains run with *one* car unless there’s a game that suburbanites want to come into town for. Baltimore’s transportation needs tweaking…but not torching.

  3. Funny, I thought Ken Harris wouldn’t shut up about all the great things he’s accomplished past and present—he wasn’t just an academic in high school, he was an athlete too… whooo
    He really puts the I in community.

  4. Is it me – or is Maria Allwine the only one who addresses the issues. Everyone else tells homespun stories and talks “potential” and “do better”. Not addressing the graft and corruption in this city. Of course there may be a reason they don’t say anything about it.

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