8/30/07 The Digital Divide

Interesting story of how this show came to be..

I keep a list of ideas for possible future shows.  Marc had an idea last fall about “expanding/democraticizing internet access.”  Months passed, and nothing came of it.  Then, earlier this summer, a friend of a friend named Pete showed up to play basketball at my house one evening.  He was telling me about his job as a research associate for a non-profit in DC that works to improve internet accessibility in the US.  I was telling him about my job here, and then realized he was the perfect person to talk to about this show idea from long ago.

Fast forward, Pete hooked me up with a ton of information and other people to talk to in planning a show about the digital divide, and why it matters that people have fast and affordable internet access.  It’s crazy to look at how quickly a lot of other countries have progressed in this area, while the US has been dropping further and further behind.  The internet was invented here, but while other countries have treated as a neccessary part of infrastructure that government should ensure is developed, we have treated it like a luxury commodity, allowing the big telecommunications companies to make huge profits but not ensuring that our population is best served.

Time for the show.. hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say afterwards.



3 Responses

  1. Great idea, keep expanding on this important subject!

  2. Keep this on the front burner.

    I have been working on an project for the Communications Workers of America called Speed Matters. Our goal is to make people aware of just how important this matter is for our Country. Great new applications like telemedicine, distance learning, civic participation and many more are not available to be utilized by the underserved areas of the nation. Rural and low income communities are at the greatest risk.

    Check out our website http://www.speedmatters.org for ideas on how we can overcome this disadvantage. There is even a quick link to let your representatives know how you feel.

  3. I teach a class called “Ethics in the Information Age” and this is a topic my students and I discuss in depth each semester. I plan to require them to listen to the audio of this show (once it’s posted!). Good work! Keep it up.


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