9/12/07 Bo Lozoff


I was trying to figure out how to describe our guest for 1pm today, which isn’t easy.  It seems like he has a lot of pursuits going on, with a common underlying motivation, but not anything that fits into the usual categories.  Then I found a mention on this website of an award he won that seems to sum it all up: The Temple Award for Creative Altruism.  You can learn more about the award and the institute behind it here.  It was the phrase “creative altruism” that struck me, though.  That seems to be the common thread in his works, whether doing prisoner outreach, writing books and music, starting the first biodiesel processing nonprofit in his home state of North Carolina, and more, which we’ll hear about today.



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  1. Despite all the established notions about crime it is only the people like Bo Lozoff who really understand it. One career criminal who reformed in his forties and worked as a consultant said that it would be a lot cheaper to send young offenders to Harvard than it is to incarcerate them. The causes of crime have been well defined for over a century but we resist attacking them and focus all our energy on dealing with criminals after the fact. It’s a classic case of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure yet we keep finding excuses not to buy the ounce of prevention not realizing that the cost of cure is becoming prohibitive.

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