9/17/07 Iraq Correspondents Panel



Reporting from Iraq, not everyone’s idea of a choice job.  Despite the obvious risks, some people wouldn’t have it any other way.  One of our guests this hour, The Washington Post’s Baghdad Bureau Chief Sudarsan Raghavan, has been on with us a couple times before.  Last time, his hearing was damaged from a bomb blast in the Green Zone that he was caught in the middle of.  I remember him talking about whether he considered leaving Iraq after that, and it sounded like he really felt compelled to stay.  Check out his articles here.

Two other reporters are joining us for the first time today, Gordon Lubold from the Christian Science Monitor and Tina Susman from the LA Times.  Just click on their names to see what they’ve been writing.

Hopefully, we’ll have an hour today that goes beyond all of the political rhetoric on Iraq  last week, from Petraeus and Crocker’s testimony to Bush’s speech, and helps us gain an understanding of what is really going on there.



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