10/2 Governor O’Malley’s Tax Plan


Last week Governor O’Malley concluded a round a press conferences and kitchen table interviews with Maryland Residents to discuss his tax plan. This week Governor O’Malley is making the rounds of the media outlets to discuss his plan to close a projected $1.7 billion budget gap.

Early thi s morning, Governor O’Malley sat down with Marc to discuss his tax plan. Yesterday, Maryland’s GOP criticized the governor’s tax plan saying it would hit working families harder and possibly force some to move out of the state.

We talk with Governor O’Malley about his tax plan. Later in the hour we’ll analyze the governor’s tax plan with a panel of journalists.



One Response

  1. The Republican criticism of increasing the corporate income tax and closing corporate tax loopholes is that Maryland might lose business or development to Virginia. So what’s the problem with that?

    Maryland is bracing for a burst of BRAC-related growth and development. Way more development than our schools, roads and environment can handle is coming. It would not be a bad thing if some development detoured to another state. But Maryland is so attractive in so many ways that I doubt that will happen. Just my opinion.

    Republicans, and some Democrats, fret that rich people might flee the state to avoid a slightly progressive personal income tax. That is laughable paranoia. Rich people live in Chevy Chase, Roland Park, and Potomac because those are wonderful places. People live on the horse farms of the Western Shore and the waterfront estates of the Eastern Shore because that is a grand lifestyle. Few people are so miserly that they will abandon their home in paradise to avoid a small tax increase. Just my opinion. –Bernie

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