cute kitten, as promised

Not long ago, I mentioned there would be some forthcoming pictures of a cute kitten.  We had BARCS on, and they brought this great puppy, and hopefully it inspired some people to do something nice for an animal, like maybe adopt one from the shelter.  We got this kitten from our neighbors, who obviously didn’t have their cat fixed.  Maybe they’re pro-life.





And now, a serious question, which picture is the cutest?  Cast your vote here.



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  2. Aw… those melancholy eyes! What soul! What huge ears! Such a CUTE kitten!
    Pose it with a little gun.
    ;-> (Kidding.)
    P.S. Came online to comment on Marc’s breezing over the small detail in a two-part uplifting tale of redemption (one assumes as the segment’s conclusion hasn’t aired yet) of the carjacking of a “white” woman at gunpoint by an underprivileged (societally screwed) local black youth. Phew. Long sentence. But I’m now distracted by the ADORABLE kitten. Sigh…. Balanced reporting, Marc, balance…? And, p.s. I’m a white chick,who, recalling your story last night, did NOT spin by the P.O. on Fayette Street around midnight to drop letters into the drive-through box. Thanks for the reminder about the safety of our neighborhood. I’d grown comfortable a few blocks away in Fell’s Point.

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