10/30/07 New City Council Members

Assuming each of these Democrat nominees wins the general election next month, there will be four newly elected City Council members in Baltimore.  Today at 1pm you’ll have a chance to find out more about three of them, and the ideas they will be bringing to the City Council.  Sharon Middleton is already serving on the Council, having been appointed to fill a seat left vacant last January.  She’ll be here along with newbies Bill Cole and Bill Henry.

As for the fourth, Warren Branch, he’ll remain a bit of a mystery to our listeners, but not for lack of an invitation.  You can read an article here in The Sun about the city public works inspector’s primary victory over incumbent Vernon Crider by a mere 51 votes.  If you’re googling him, don’t confuse him with bodybuilder Branch Warren.



One Response

  1. As for Bill Henry’s comment that there are more pressing issues to tend to in our public schools than our teachers’ planning time, I would like him to tell us where quality education comes from. Better schools are built by better teachers. The city will not attract new, energetic, and bright teachers, nor will it hold onto those it already has if teachers are made to feel that their time, their concerns, and their professional input are not valuable.

    Cooperative planning time is valuable, particularly with the inclusion model of delivering special education services. However, teachers need to be ensured that planning time used to work with administrators is just that- colaborative. It is easy to see teachers becoming protective of their planning time if they sense it being jepardized in order for principals to hold administrative meetings.

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