11/05/07 Child Refugees


This picture was taken in a refugee camp in Kenya in 2003, where Sudanese refugees wound up after fleeing first their own country, and then refugee camps where they had settled in Ethiopia.  For more on their story, see this article.

It’s written by Charles London, who’ll be joining us from 1-2pm today.  Charles left Baltimore, where he grew up, to work for Refugees International.  His experiences led him to write a book called One Day the Soldiers Came, in which he tells the stories of children displaced by war who he met over the past few years.

He was in Burma during the recent unrest there.  He recorded his observations in a piece for the NY Times magazines; that piece is here.

One more thing to check out.. Charles was interviewed on All Things Considered recently; that interview is here



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  1. Refugees and mass migrations of people throughout the world — possibly the two biggest stories of the decade.

    Refugees are fleeing wars and violence. The refugee problem the U.S. has caused in Iraq and neighboring countries is probably the most under-reported story of the war.

    Migrations are caused mostly by poverty and huge economic disparities between regions. People from Africa moving north to Europe. People from the south moving north to the U.S. and Canada. Large internal migrations within China.

    The hardships on all involved stagger the imagination. Thanks for covering this important story. — Bernie

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