11/7/2007 Naomi Klein

Disaster capitalism.  What an interesting phrase.  It’s the topic of Naomi Klein’s new book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.  What is disaster capitalism?  It’s things like Blackwater, or the privatization of New Orleans schools after Hurricane Katrina, or Haliburton and the rebuilding of Iraq.  It is the world in which private companies profit from disasters, natural or man-made. 

Is this an example of the triumph of the global free market?  Or evidence that some of the events of the past decades have been engineered to profit certain corporations?

Join us as we speak with Naomi Klein….and watch a short video inspired by the book.

And then, we take a look at the special session in Annapolis.  Is deal making and compromise occuring?  Will slots pass?  Will corporations and those with high incomes be paying more in taxes?  We’ll talk with WYPR’s Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith and Kevin Dayhoff, columnist for The Tentacle.

Join us!



One Response

  1. Doesn’t look like much progress is going to be made toward a progressive income tax. Senate has reduced the two new top brackets to 5 percent and 5.5 percent. Maybe the House will come in a little higher, and the two will compromise in conference committee.

    On the other hand, the regressive sales tax seems to have clear sailing, although the Senate did broaden it to include two big services — landscaping and computer repair.

    Any chance that Sen. Jim Brochin’s filibuster will happen in the Senate? I’d say not much chance, but anything is possible.

    Whatever tax bills the Senate can pass, the House will have the votes to pass as well, with improvements. Just my opinion.

    I have been thinking that slots would be held over for the regular session in January, but who knows, the two houses could even reach agreement on a slots bill before Thanksgiving. — Bernie

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