What’s on tap today?

As has been the case the first three days of the week, we have a show with many different parts to it.  Any thoughts on that – have you noticed?  do you like it? – are welcome.

We’re starting off the hour with a look at Baltimore’s foster care system, which, no one would argue, is in need of some huge reforms.  A class action suit was brought on behalf of 2,500 foster children in 1984.  In 1988, the court entered a comprehensive consent decree requiring reforms, and nearly 20 years later we’re still waiting for those reforms.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, but two decades is a long time by anyone’s standards.  If you’re unfamiliar with this lawsuit, or the foster care situation here in general, a good place to start would be this article from Tuesday’s Sun.

Then we’ll hear from House Speaker Mike Busch, live from Annapolis, for an update on the special session.  Following that, we’ll leave some time for our listeners’ thoughts on the special session, so get your thoughts and questions ready by 1pm.

Lastly, we’ll be joined by Elbridge James.  He’s the director of the Maryland Black Family Alliance, a new group of black politicians, ministers, and activists seeking to promote “fairness, justice, and equality for all families” aka legalization of same-sex marriage.



2 Responses

  1. I’d like to pose a question:
    When African Americans have such a history of “spirituality”, what would be the *best* way to get support for gay marriage and gay-parented families? We’ve seen comparison to the civil rights movement lose BIG, and, in fact, many AfrAms view their objection to homosexuality as a religious matter.
    It’s harder to get someone to change a spiritual belief than a political one, in my opinion, and as long as the homophobia remains a religious issue, support of gay-themed issues will lag behind—even from people who clearly understand what discrimination is firsthand.
    It’s not popular, but I suggest that the approach should be one of a “live-and-let-live” pilosophy and civil unions instead of gay marriage. Even though it’s not full equality, even though it’s unfair, isn’t some legal recognition now with a chance for better later better than none now and likely none later?

  2. Some multiple-theme shows seem necessary to keep up with all the pressing developments in the state, the nation and the world. However, a strength of the Marc Steiner Show has always been that it cuts against the grain of sound-bite coverage by providing a full hour of attention to a single important subject.

    Even an hour, of course, cannot do justice to many subjects. At the moment, for example, WYPR is far behind WBAL in covering the Special Session of the Maryland General Assembly. WBAL has been devoting three-hour segments hosted by C-4 and Talk Show Man to the special session.

    Impossible for a responsible news outlet like WYPR to devote that much time to a single issue. — Bernie

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