11/13/07 SNOOP


Snoop is possibly the most terrifying character on The Wire.  She looks like she’s about 12 years old, she’s completely androgynous, she’s got the strangest, almost alien-sounding voice, and she kills people in a completely matter of fact way like it’s nothing.

Felicia Pearson drew on her own experiences, which she documents in her new memoir, Grace After Midnight, to create the character she plays.  Just how much of her own experiences?  Well, she grew up with a foster family in East Baltimore, got involved in the drug game, and wound up in prison for murder.  Her book is full of some real-life terrifying stories, like the first time she visited her real mom’s house after being put into foster care.  Her mom screamed at her, maybe 8 years old, to take off all of her clothes and then locked her in a closet.  She cried until she passed out, and woke up to find out that her mom had taken her clothes and sold them for crack.

I’ll leave the rest of the stories for her to tell today.  She’ll be here for an hour at 1pm.. do not miss..



2 Responses

  1. Fascinating interview. I felt most grateful that she had somehow survived such a rough entry into the world and now has a chance to make a good life for herself.

  2. for the first time have i come to complete disagreement with the steiner show. one must wonder several things. how is a convicted murderer able to profit from her crime? does the ‘son of sam’ law preclude minors? what about not wanting to tell the story on the air for fear of people not buying her memoir? it gauls me to no end that sheer luck has alloted the people of east baltimore one less violent person to fear. how about the kids who came into this world the same as she and never picked up a weapon and made it without dealing drugs or killing anyone? and what if the book and acting thing don’t work out? will she be back dealing and carrying a weapon? how many of us have taken a minimum wage job with a bachelors degree because we must survive? how many people cannot afford cable yet somehow, a convicted murderer and present dealer has basic cable? we all have choice. we are not dogs.
    why not do a show on the kids who have little in the way of parents but are trying to go to school on those same east baltimore streets? why not look at ‘hockey in the hood’?

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