11/26/07 Just Words: Walker, Ray, Dante

If you listen to Morning Edition or All Things Considered on Thursdays, you may have heard a documentary feature series called Just Words.  It’s a project that Marc and I have been working hard on for the past year.  It’s purpose is to go into the worlds of marginalized disenfranchised people, from low-wage workers to recovering drug addicts to ex-cons–and to bring their stories back and share them with our audience.  It’s a year long series that was generously funded by the Open Society Institute-Baltimore.  As the first year of our project winds down, we are bringing you a series of shows with people who have been featured on Just Words.

For our first show, which is today at One, we’re going to talk with Walker Gladden of the Rose Street Community Center, Ray Cook of On Our Shoulders, and Dante Wilson of Reclaiming Our Children and Community Project.  Each of these men is deeply committed to changing the lives of young people in Baltimore.  They are the first line of defense between many kids and the seductive powers of the street life. They’re really amazing people, and very inspiring, and have a lot to say, so I hope you will join us and hear them today. And bring YOUR questions and comments to the table.

To hear Walker speak as the everyman of the inner city of Baltimore, click here.

To hear Ray talk about issues of love in the inner city, click here.

To walk with Dante as he picks kids up from school for his afterschool program, click here.

To hear the thoughts of children in Dante’s program, click here.


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