12/5 Holiday Television


Last night CBS television aired the holiday favorite Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It wasn’t that long ago when there were only three main television networks. One of the highlights of tv seasons past were holiday specials hosted by Bing Crosby or Bob Hope. In addtion to Rudolph, A Charlie Brown Christmas would have to be included as one of the top holiday specials evoking special memories for young and old.

Join us at 1pm today as we discuss holiday television, and the current television season, with Baltimore Sun television critic David Zurawik.



2 Responses

  1. I heard david’s comment about showing someone you love them by purchasing a $3000 diamond or whatever. I’m really glad christmas/holidays are no longer about charity and fraternity but are about hedonistic pleasures…. as it should be.

  2. I used to watch everything Christmas when I was growing up. I seem to remember that many MANY years ago The Wizard of Oz was a Christmas treat.

    Now I watcha very little television, and ff all the specials I loved, the only ones I make an effort for are the Charlie Brown Christmas (still wonderful), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (seems to suffer from too many commercials now) and any version of A Christmas Carol.

    However something new has made it here from England. Ion Network showed Terry Pratchett’s “The Hogfather” – it deserves to be a repeat every Christmas!

    A quick synopsis: in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld universe, magic is normal, the Hogfather, who brings gifts of food and toys to children, is the equivalent of our Santa. Unfortunately, he has enemies (the Auditors) who feel the universe would be a much better place without the human tendency to create anthropomorphic personifications – humans are messy and unpredictable – and if the Auditors succeed, the sun won’t come up the next morning … it is funny, moral and the first time (not the last!) that a live production of one of Mr. Pratchett’s books has been brought to the small screen. Admittedly it was not perfect, but they got the casting right and it was lovingly done. And you can get the NTSC DVD from Borders if you missed it!

    Thanks for the wonderful show!

    Holly (not named for the Holiday) Horsman

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