1/10 Primary Review

At Noon today, we welcome you to add your opinion to the never ending analysis of the 2008 Presidential election and the results of the Iowa caucus, the New Hampshire primary, and the Wyoming GOP primary.  From Obama’s surprise victory in Iowa to Hillary’s emotional moment to Edward’s attempts to keep from becoming completly irrelvent, the Democratic primary has been providing some exciting times. On the GOP side, things are no less exciting, as McCain attempts to accomplish what at times has seen inevitable and at times completly out of the question-to become the Republican candidate for President.  Will he be able to get the Republican base to trust him?  Only time will tell. 

Poll: If the Democratic primary in Maryland were today, who would you vote for?

Poll: If the Republican primary in Maryland were today, who would you vote for?


6 Responses

  1. I like Edwards and I still want to see him win. I liked Richardson a whole lot, since he had tons of experience…not being MARRIED to someone who held office, but Richardson was a U.S. Congressman, a Cabinet member, and Ambassador and a Governor and experience didn’t help him. White Democratic women want to vote for a woman, so Hilary will win the nomination and then lose to whatever Republican she’s up against, “experience” notwithstanding.

  2. I would love to see Ron Paul as President and Dennis Kucinich as his VP. America needs REAL change, not this mouthpiece stuff the regular candidates spout. We need to get back to the Constitution and Ron Paul is the only way to do that right now.


  3. Why is likability a factor? If I’m going in for heart surgery, I want the best doctor, not the most “Likable” one. This is ridiculous. I’ll never have a personal relationship with the president, so why on earth would I be concerned whether the He/She is likable or not?! Let’s be responsible media people and not entertain false qualifications like “Likability”.

    On topic of the primary, I’m an independent, so I can not participate in the primary. If I could, Id’ vote for Edwards first, Obama second, Clinton last (no matter how many candidates there are).

  4. Many of us here in Baltimore recently heard Robert Ballard, the acclaimed oceanographer, in the Baltimore Lecture Series. After a fascinating talk about his career, and the peril our oceans are in because of global warming, etc., he took questions. Mostly, they were about environmental issues. The last question was something like, “What can we do to save our planet?” His response, “Elevate the status of women.”

    Until we give women the respect, economic & political status they deserve, our society and that of the rest of the world cannot move forward. It’s an economic and family issue, and it affects the future of our children–think about it!!!

    Men, you will not lose your manhood if you pull the lever to vote for a woman! It takes a smart, strong, sensible, sensitive man to support a woman!

    Women, how many of you have you been passed over for a job, although you’ve been better qualified for the man that got it? How many of you have you had your opinions rejected because of your gender? How many of you have you been paid less than a man doing the same job? And, how many of you who have “made it” have reached out to help another woman succeed???? Stand up and get respect for all you’ve done and contributed to our society! Vote for the candidate that can do this for you–Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton is the most experienced, sensible, issue-oriented candidate running. She has done more for women, children & families than any other candidate. She’s been successful against terrible odds. We won’t see another woman ever run again in our lifetime if we don’t support her.

    People, don’t be swayed by Obama’s silver-tongued rhetoric & feel-good emotion. What’s Obama really saying? “Let’s get together and feel alright?” My God, we’re smarter than that, aren’t we?

    We will really FEEL BETTER, have lots of HOPE, and CHANGE the world when we all roll up our sleeves, get to work, and unite behind someone who has the EXPERIENCE AND INTELLEGENCE to begin solving our complicated problems on Day 1.

    Let’s turn our backs on the negative, mostly-male media hacks, with their piling-on about “likability and electability.” Many, many people love Hillary, and she IS electable, if we go out and vote with our hearts & MINDS. And, come on, folks, get over this stupid dynasty thing– no matter what family she’s from, she’s still the best candidate!!!!


  5. Hillary is not ready for Day One. She is great at making self-proclamations. Bill Richardosn would have been ready for Day One. She has not been on the world stage nor does she have a “world” stage background. Her basic claim to “know-how” is that she married Bill Clinton who became president for 8 years. The U.S. does not need another co-presidency or “two for the price of one.” I am sure someone else is quit capable of leading the U.S. whose name is neither Bush or Clinton.

  6. It’s not a gender thing or a dynasty thing with Clinton for me. It’s the sickening career protectionism she has employed as a senator. She is Bush lite folks – make no mistake about it – a Clinton vote is a vote for the status quo.

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