01/14/08 O’Malley and Annapolis

We’re on the air right now with Andy Green from The Sun, Tom LoBianco from The Washington Times, and Erin Sullivan from City Paper… talking about the beginning of the legislative session, what to expect in the next 3 months, and, so far, the public’s perception of O’Malley.  Yesterday, The Sun published a poll showing a low approval rating for O’Malley, mainly because of the tax increases approved in the special session last fall, it seems.

What are your thoughts on O’Malley and the new tax increases?  How do you perceive yourself as being effected by the new tax plan?  Is a 1 percent sales tax increase something to complain about?  How about a 1.25% corporate tax increase?

Poll: Do you approve or disapprove of the job Martin O’Malley has done as governor so far?



One Response

  1. It is way to early have much of an opinion re OMalley’s performance-I voted for him, but he isn’t my kind of Democrat lets get thru the first full 90 day session to form judgment. I was one of 904 citizens that Opinion Research phone surveyed and when I got off phone I said OMalley is goin to get reamed by OR survey due to these questions and their framing. Very Bisaed framing of issues apparent thruout. I believe that the question re Most important issue came out in the exact order the questioner listed my choice of options, i e taxes first. As a former health care administrator, the questions on medical staffing in the state were insipid and misleading.
    As I prepare to find $128 to pay for license renewal thanks to Ehrlich’s cowboy financing schemes, I don’t sweat a penny on the dollar from Martin.

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