More on the Economy

At noon tomorrow, Wednesday, we’re going to continue the discussion we began at noon today.  We had lots of calls and emails throughout the show today, and we’ll be going through them to help plan tomorrow’s show.  We’ll be checking the blog for listener’s thoughts on the economy, as well, so put up your comments here!

Here’s a couple articles to check out, if you’re looking for some further reading:

-from the NY Times magazine on Sunday, The Education of Ben Bernanke

-how one man personally made billions, literally, in one year thanks to the collapse of the housing market, in the Wall Street Journal, Trader Made Billions on Subprime


One Response

  1. Why not create a new mortgage program for people who are facing foreclosure from the subprime mess that uses 30 year rates for a 50 or 60 year loan? This would bring monthly payments down to those close to the teaser rates that the borrower was able to afford. The loans should allow for no penalty for prepayment, so that if people can eventually pay more they can effectively turn it back into a 30 year loan. While this effectively turns these owners into renters, they still get to deduct their interest payments (which renters do not) and it save them and the banks all the costs associated with foreclosure.

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