2/14 from Marc

Well, I’m back. My road trip was great.   I know I am just a doting Dad (with my older ones who are gone now, and my little one at present) but she was brilliant on the stage.  Well worth the day off. 

I don’t have much to say about the Dan Rodricks issue.  I have no control over it, can’t do anything about it and will just wait and see on that one.   There was a big hole left and opportunity to fill it.   Doesn’t come along every day.  He filled it.   What can you do?  That’s life.

I want to encourage you all to come to the Community Advisory Board Meeting at the BMA on February 20th.    It will begin at 7:00.  It is scheduled to last two hours.  The CAB was formed in response to a regulation that requires all public radio licensees to have a community board.   The event on the 20this your opportunity to speak your piece.  I hear it may be taped and made available on the WYPR website.

A public radio station worth its salt should have some of those who make up the CAB be members of the Board of Directors.   The board, while made up of many good people, should be all inclusive.  It is not.  Listener members should be members of that board.   Community and corporate leaders should interact on the board to help guide the station.   That is a real democracy of the public airwaves. 

Anita and others who wrote on the blog recently talked about how the crowd at the Obama rally held in the 1st Mariner Arena represented that same “view/world”, as she put it, as those who have supported me and my show.   I want to build on that.   We want to continue our public commitment to this community.  We want to create a new forum for all of us.   We are going to start on the web.   We will build it from there.    Jessica Phillips and I are already trying to work on ideas to produce and share with everyone.   Let us know what you think.    What do you want?  More documentary features?  Panel discussions?  One on one interviews?  What topics do you care most about?  What have you enjoyed in the past?

It is Valentine’s Day.    Gotta go celebrate.   Remember, it may be a Hallmark Card day and full of commercialism but reality is if you blow it… you’re done. 

I’m Marc Steiner, for whatever comes next that will be your public media

Take care, talk soon.


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  1. The exclusion of the CAB from any deliberations about the future of the Steiner Show is proof of dysfunctional WYPR governance, in my opinion. What is the point of having a CAB if it has zero responsibility or authority? A regulation requires formation of a CAB, yes, but why bother having one if it isn’t represented on the Board of Directors?

    I will attend the meeting because I hope to learn something, not because I want to make a speech. Speeches to the CAB will be pointless, however articulately and forcefully presented, won’t they? If I’m wrong about this, please give us alternative thinking, Marc.

    I had no idea WYPR was managed the way it is, or could do what it did the way it was done. Learning this stuff is a good thing, I guess. Thinking about it, though, this governance model might be more typical than unusual. For example, how much public discussion and WETA listener involvement was there before WETA went all-music? Any? And looking back on events, I suppose I could have awakened one morning to discover that WJHU had been replaced by an all-gospel station, except for the fact that you, Marc, brought the issue to the airwaves.

    Marc, I feel incoherent about this, which is how I always feel when I’m ignorant about an issue. I don’t have enough information. I don’t have any information, really. Nothing that has come from the station has made sense. The Maryland Morning interviews weren’t more than minimally helpful.

    What are the Fall 2007 ratings numbers? Brandon hasn’t said. What are the ratings for various programs, not just the Steiner Show? I might be able to find out from Radio Research Consortium, but navigating it is worse than learning Russian (for someone not in the business).

    In your opinion, Marc, what alternatives could/should have been explored? I have already expressed the opinion that Maryland Morning sounded like an ideal forum for engaging/attending to the needs of the broader listening area, but it hasn’t happened. I have also said that, if station management wanted to present a program called Statewide, it could have been programmed in addition to the Steiner Show, not instead of it. Were either of these real options? How about putting the Steiner Show in another time slot? Yada yada, lots of questions, no answers.

    I would really appreciate it if this blog could host a substantive discussion of these and other public radio issues between now and the CAB meeting. I’ve been hoping for one to materialize, but it hasn’t.

  2. Great questions from Ron Counsell. I have to echo his “Yada yada, lots of questions, no answers.” I’ll be at the CAB meeting too.

  3. I guess one of my big questions is what (legally speaking) makes public radio “public” radio? If they are run by a board that caters to corporate sponsors rather than members, do they really still count as public? What if all the members stopped contributing and _all_ they had was corporate sponsorship – would they still be public radio? Do they need to get a certain percentage of their operating budget from individual members? Are there any legal regulations/definitions at all? Does it matter if we can prove that input from the membership or CAB is routinely ignored?

    I kind of feel like if they aren’t actually public radio, why not just drop the pretense and sell the frequency to Clear Channel? It’s sort of like fighting an amorphous blob that changes the rules as it goes along. Kind of like the Bush administration.

  4. Get to the CAB by 6:30 – doors open then and it will be first come, first seated. The auditorium only holds a little over 300 and from what a lot of us are hearing, there will be a crowd. Let me know if any of you want a flyer and I’ll email it to you.

    Marc, I still miss you and your show. This was the first day I didn’t do the WYPR protest at noon – it was weird to not be there but I had to run some errands (finally). But you know we’ve got rolling protests going, so there’s always folks there.

    Wrote to Rodricks asking him to walk away from WYPR – he’s going to regret it eventually. They did it to you and they’ll do it to him if he doesn’t come to heel. And, for pete’s sake – it was done to him a few years ago, he knows what this feels like. I think you’re being awfully magmanimous because I think what he’s doing is wrong. You have to draw the line somehwere and he should have drawn it before he said “yes.”

    Ron, a lot of the questions you’ve asked here are being explored in meetings by the Bring Back Steiner Movement. Much of the data is being researched and will hopefully be produced before the CAB. For various reasons, we don’t want to discuss too much online. I suspect that for Marc, there may be legal issues involved, although I don’t know that. Many of the questions you’ve asked here are going to be pursued with the CAB and the BOD. I hope to meet you Wednesday.

  5. I’m also planning on being at the CAB mtg. Though not to protest…. This is all new to me and I want to get a better sense if what the CAB thinks of all of this and what kind of stance (if any ) they are planning on taking …

    I’ve said this before, and I know it sounds cynical… but I think WYPR is perfectly content to “sacrafice” current listeners (and marc’s supporters)
    After all Marc has said that the corporate underwriting alone is enough to keep the station afloat… and they are probably betting on getting alot of new listeners from the OC and Frederick Market….

    Personally I’m more interested in what you are going to do next…. And if they didn’t like the fact that you were “Baltimore-centic”…. (personally I thought your shows were very balanced) well I ‘d throw that in their faces and Really focus in on issues here in Baltimore…

    There are so many local, state, national and international issues that are felt here at home… give everything a Baltimore spin…. Make it relevant to folks here in the Baltimore metro area….

    My girlfriend and are really getting interested trying to be more enviromentally conscious….. and living green….
    I’d like to see shows addressing Geen living in Baltimore…. Coverage of farmers markets and Green restaurants like the dogwood Deli and Wooberry Kitchen…. Green building and remodeling…. how to adapt our lives to be more eco-friendly

    I’m also interested in the dire state of the Bay… I recently heard an NPR report(may have been on one of your shows ) that was cirtical of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation…. that they are not playing hardball enough with farmers that are polluting the bay with chicken waste…. I’d like to know more about about the politics behind that and why groups the the CBF are not taking a firmer stance…. I’m a big supporter of CBF and was taken aback when I heard that report…

    Michael Derry

  6. Ron

    Thank you for those questions. I am going to copy and paste them in an email to Marc, and ask him to begin crafting a response to them.

  7. Hello Marc, Jessica and Friends of Free Speech, I’ve been meaning to contribute to this discussion ever since the s__t hit the fan some two weeks ago now. As I usually do, I kept trying to think of the perfect & complete thing to say. Well, that isn’t going to happen and I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines any more.

    Being a former producer (and still consider myself a friend) of Marc’s, I have to say I was shocked yet not totally surprised. As Marc has said, the pressure and friction between the business side and the programming side of the station have been there since the beginning. I guess I underestimated how clueless the board and management was/is about the support for Marc’s work on the air.

    So what if the ratings aren’t off the charts??? Just because the Superbowl draws like 99% of viewers, does that mean it has social value??? (No offense to sports fans, I think you get the point). Doesn’t quality mean anything? Is quantity all that matters?

    OK, I didn’t mean to go off on a rant. What I mostly want to say is that in a funny way, as much as I am angered and saddened, I am looking forward to what’s next for Marc. I always say that the main reason I ever wanted to work at WYPR was not to be in the media but to work with Marc. And the reason I wanted to work with Marc is because I always knew and felt that his (your) mission was not to be a radio talk show host but to change the world, to pursue justice and enlightenment (and have some fun along the way). Being a talk show host for some (many) years was one cool way to do that, for a while.

    But, what with the internet, etc. there are so many great opportunities to dialogue, to educate, to connect, to create, why fixate on a radio show? Yes, it was wrong for WYPR to cancel the show in such a disrespectful (to the listeners, much less Marc) way, but little do they know how much they have just shot themselves in the proverbial foot (feet?)!

    I plan to try and get into the CAB meeting, if even just to be part of what promises to be an historic event. I went and looked on the YPR website and found this, just FYI:

    “WYPR CAB Mission Statement
    The independent Community Advisory Board will voice community interests and concerns to WYPR to insure that its programming is diverse, inclusive, creative, and responsive. It will connect the station to communities throughout Maryland, review current and prospective programming, and help develop resources for the station.”

    Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s support the ongoing mission of the Marc Steiner Show, in whatever form it takes! Julia

  8. I’m following in my philosophy spouting father’s footsteps-Marc ‘s situation brings to my mind this morning the Obama mantra of “change”-a “concept” we progressives are always turning over in our minds.
    My comfort lies in seeking out and becoming the leaders and leadership that is everywhere denied us. I have gotten over the shock of seeing another Nixon- i.e. Bush- come my way. And of seeing the vast underbelly of America- the dark side.
    But change won’tt be the change from a Hillary or a Barack. It should be, must b far deeper. In the sixties we brot some change- green, feminist, peace, civil rights. Were we crushed by a Brandon? a Rodricks? A Cheney, a Saddam?
    “Aint gonna let nobody
    Turn me round
    Turn me round
    Aint gonna let nobody
    Turn me round
    Keep on a walkin repeat
    Walkin down to freedom land.
    Now….I feel better. Sermon over- sing a hymnj.
    dave froginbog

  9. Marc will be on The Ed Norris Show again today…. Friday 2/15 from 10:30-11:30 for the Friday News Round-Up 105.7

  10. d replies to himself
    i realize that Brandon and Rodricks aren’t exactly equivalent to Cheney, Bush or Saddam- but we can’t let people off the hook for their bad decisions, can we?
    and don’t forget- non-violence can be very militant and disruptive- should b

  11. I am coming to the rally and I’m bringing my WYPR and plan to smash it into a million pieces.. Thats what they did to this station.

    Just a question…can we get the management ass who made this decision fired and get Marc to be the head of the station? How does that work? Who is in charge? What is it that needs to happen in order for us to wrestle back control of the station? Seriously — because being outraged with no end result is just outrage. We need to get organized!!

    I really think that those of us who are planning on coming should get together and organize BEFORE the meeting to make up a plan of attack.

    Maria — you seem to be leading the charge…what are your thoughts about building a solution to this crisis?

  12. I’m very excited to hear that you and Jessica will be exploring the Web medium further. It seems like at least for now the Web still a place where the individual can have a voice.

    I would love to see and hear panel and individual discussions/interviews as well as features. I still think that it’s important to still have “Baltimore” issues as well as Maryland and national ones, despite the criticism that the show was “Baltimore-centric” (I disagree with that assessment). The fact is, Baltimore is a hub and many of us are interested in it – it is also what made the show unique and gave us a voice to see it from our viewpoint.

    Some of the issues that I enjoyed listening to dealt with environment, education, nutrition and school lunches, primaries, local and national politics, development and overcrowding at schools (i.e Towson) and issues that aren’t covered or not covered thoroughly by the main stream media/press.

    Thanks for listening!

  13. I’ll be at the meeting as well….

    I’m very interested in what Marc does next….at the same time, I’m not paying too much attention to it yet. Marc and Jessica, I’m sure, will do something amazing and I will listen and participate.

    At this moment though, a bunch of thieves have stolen our public radio station. I think it would be a mistake to give Brandon and his ilk the impression that we’re all going to fade away to an internet forum and leave them alone.

    This is Mobtown…if they’re going to do this with our station, then I want them to have to fight for every bloody inch they gain.

  14. At the risk of being impolitic, Marc’s show WAS Baltimore-centric, and often also Annapolis-centric. There were several very good reasons for that.

    1) Baltimore is Marc’s home, and therefore is what he knows best.
    2) Baltimore is the cultural and economic engine of the state, although obviously its influence continues to decline in relation to the DC suburbs; if anything, Marc might have focused more on how Baltimore and much of Maryland is becoming essentially just another DC suburb.
    3) In my opinion, the endless suburbanization and fragmentation of Maryland is one of the main causes of the problems Baltimore faces. Whether Frederick or Ocean City like it or not, that’s a story worth covering.
    4) Marc and co. always did a great, thorough job of covering state politics, which very few other outlets did as well. Annapolis is where the stuff goes down – again, whether Frederick or OC like it or not.

    I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate stories in other parts of the state, or that people who receive WYPR’s signal don’t deserve to have their voices heard.

    But firing Marc seems indicative of a larger Maryland trend: of suburbanites washing their hands of Baltimore and pretending it’s no longer relevant.

    Who knows, maybe they’re right?

    But if Baltimore isn’t worthwhile, please explain to me what IS worthwhile about yet another swath of arable land getting lost to low-density, car-oriented development? (That transformation, of itself, is a story, but once those “communities” are created, what’s the story?)

    Baltimore, to me, is endlessly fascinating. The reason I loved Marc’s show so much is that he always gave the impression that he felt the same way. And in my opinion, just because people move away from Baltimore, and attempt to wash their hands of it, doesn’t mean it loses any meaning; if anything, that’s even more fascinating.

    What I’m saying is that people have value, but so do places. And it’s narcissistic for people to abandon a culturally rich city and assume that their new homes magically have the same importance because they’re living there.

  15. Hi friends. I’m new here and haven’t read everything yet. But I’m hoping someone can help me with a newbie question. Tony Brandon’s reply to my email says there are reasons for their actions that he can’t talk about. To me, the only reason that could justify their treatment of Marc, and exclusion of the CAB, would be some kind of gross misconduct – that is, something like embezzlement, sexual harrassment, etc. Has Marc confirmed that nothing like that has been alleged? I’m assuming so but would like to know for the record, if possible. Thanks.

  16. Hi Sue. No Marc has not made a public statement that he didn’t sexually harass or steal money. We didn’t think that was even necessary. I can have him do so if it would set your mind at ease. I can tell you, I was his producer at WYPR and left WYPR and am now working with him, and I have never heard a whisper of a suggestion of any gross midconduct. If he was a terrible guy, would I leave to work with him?


  17. Also, I’d love to see a copy of that email. Would you forward it to me? Jes.Phillips@gmail.com

  18. Tony Brandon did not offer Marc a $50,000 hush money payment so Marc would not talk about Marc’s gross misconduct.

    Or perhaps my name is

    Alice in Wonderland

  19. For The Record:

    I have not been accused of embezzlement, sexual harassment, or any other gross misconduct.

    Just wanted to clear that up.

  20. I heard that not all the money Marc got from the Open Society Institute was properly recorded in his 990 forms as required by law.
    $72,500 of the $135,000 he got in 2006-2007 for “Just Words” from OSI is not listed among grants in his 2006 990 filing.

    Why is that? He reported $210,000 from other grants in his 206 990 form. He probably has a good reason….

  21. “I heard?”

    I heard that pink unicorns are invisible, and I’m sure it’s true.

    I can’t provide any substantiation, however.

  22. Allen,

    The OSI grant for JUST WORDS was not given in one lump sum.

    In December 2006 Marc was awarded funding for six months of JUST WORDS. That was reported on the 2006 990.

    He then had to reapply in April of 2007 for the next six months. This will be reported on the 2007 990.


  23. Hi Jessica,
    It is not listed on his 2006 form.

    Click to access 2006-311738254-035a3a4b-F.pdf

    Just the Osprey Foundation for $86,250
    Rouse for 7$500
    Abell for $5000
    CPB for $97,000 (!)
    and Gary Levine for 5,000

    It might just be an oversight, but where I live $72,500 is a lot of money to forget to mention on my tax forms!

    I would just like to hear his explanation. It might go to what Sue mentioned.

  24. Sorry Allen, I’m not a tax person so I guess I was confused.
    I’ve got a call into his accountent right now and as soon as I get an explanation, I will give it to you.
    The CPB grant was for the six part Vietnam series. I think the entire grant was almost $200k, spread over a couple years.

  25. I know that this is not addressing the bigger issue of why Marc Steiner was fired and what future WYPR has as a voice of public radio, etc. BUT……I just have to say this.

    I have always admired Dan Rodricks and enjoyed his columns in the Sun. That being said, Dan has only lived here for several decades, though I thought he had become a ‘real Baltimorean’,ie: one who loves this blemished city and all its traditions and quirks. His actions in accepting the job at WYPR and trying to take Marc’s place show that no matter how long he lives here, he will not really understand that those of us who have generations of roots here do not forget and forgive insults easily. My late father, an avid Colts fan and navigator in WWII and the Air National Guard said that he would never even fly over Indianapolis’ air space after the Colts were stolen….to give an example of Baltimore loyalty. I think Dan Rodricks has made a fatal career move and think that other Baltimoreans will think the same…..no matter how much we admire his writing. He shouldna done that!

  26. Hi Allen,

    According to the CEM accountant, the check from OSI did not come until January 2007. We have the check deposit records to back that up. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact CEM’s accountant, Coale, Pripstein & Associates, PA at 410-992-6999.

    In other words, the 990’s are right.


  27. OSI-Baltimore actually does list a 2006 grant on another page – filed under T for The Center for Emerging Media.

    Pesky details.


  28. Dear Suzanne in Mayfield,

    We’ve only lived here for a little over a decade and a half, long after the Colts were already gone.

    Couldn’t agree with you more, hon.

  29. Marc — You should plan to attend Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Breakfast in Baltimore on March 25th. Social media is all about community-produced content of all kinds (including podcasts/internet radio), and since you’re bound headlong into that arena, it would be fantastic for you to meet the people who are most active in that community.

    You can find out more on Facebook (which incidentally is not just for college kids anymore — you should get involved):


    I will be there and will be happy to introduce you to some of the thought leaders.


  30. I am so happy to see all the dialogue that’s happening hear. Even the stuff that seems nitpicky and annoying (to me) shows the wealth of skills and knowledge that will be necessary to getting WYPR on track towards being a public radio.

    Tony Brandon’s comments on Maryland Morning truly frightened me. I am huge fan of WYPR ; I find myself quoting stuff from the shows all day long. It makes me look more intelligent than I actually am. In protest, I have switched to 88.5 and I hafta tell you it ain’t the same. It’s a good station, A good Washington station. I want my good Baltimore station back.

    I hope that everyone engaged in this process will do whatever they need to do to stay engaged. Please take care of yourself. Make sure we always speak/write and hear/read from a place of creating a truly public radio station.

  31. Power of the inet? I wonder.

    How many people have responded to the most recent Jessica poll?

    By the way, what is the point of the Community Advisory Board having a CAB blog if CAB members don’t participate in their own blog? Quite a many people on that board.

    Why don’t CAB members participate in their own blog?

  32. Dear Marc,
    I am copying a post I left on the “Random Rodricks” blogspot a couple of days ago and my reply to a formula email from Tony Brandon at WYPR.

    Comment on Dan Rodricks site:
    My voice has been one in the storm of protest over the firing of Marc Steiner. When I heard that Dan was taking over the slot, I had a minor epiphany directly reflective of the Maryland primary outcome. I’ve been a Clinton supporter who will not cry if Obama is the candidate. If the battle to save Marc Steiner’s position is lost, then Dan Rodricks is an excellent replacement and one I can support.
    Posted by: Greg Dunn | February 15, 2008

    Email to Tony Brandon:
    Dear Tony,
    Dan Rodricks is a friend and an excellent choice to carry on a role that Marc Steiner played on the air. I’ve told him so. That still doesn’t make this process OK to the listening public. I fully realize that not all decisions can be made “In Public” not even on “Public” radio. I haven’t witnessed anything like this since the “new” owners of “old” WHFS tried to put Damien Einstein off the air years ago. Legions of fans contacted the station and management backed down. In this case, Steiner was summarily dismissed so we are left solely in a reactive stance.
    Despite the fact that Dan is one who is right for the position, it leaves the listener member with a jaundiced view of the stations priorities. Announcing a high profile new personality in the time slot makes the restoration of Steiner look impossible. I certainly hope that you, as GM of the station, suggest that Steiner be one of Rodricks first guests and that he accepts. A true public airing of the story and a degree of mutual support will go a long way to restoring a feeling of integrity.
    Greg Dunn

    I submit these comments with a spirit of healing and hope that we learn from history. The left has always been excellent at fracture and fragmentation. Now we are the fogies are parents told us we would be. Please keep me posted on what ventures you take on. Thanks for being there all those afternoons and yes, I will try to get to the community meeting. Things like this just shouldn’t happen.

  33. Jessica,

    Why do some comments appear instantly after pressing “Submit Comment”, while other comments don’t appear until hours later?

  34. Thinking about TSS (TheSteinerShow):

    SteinerShow might have experimented with more open phones shows. Never a dearth of topics for good programs, I know, but through the magic of radio time compression, the open-lines programs always seemed to last only about 10-15 minutes. They were always interesting.

  35. I always like how TSS would address some nuiances of race. I was glued to the radio with one of the last shows talking about conservative politics and social ideas in the Black community. Although, I could have done without the Malcolm and MLK actors and their debate.

  36. From:



    Interview with president, general manager of MD radio station
    Original source was The (Baltimore) Daily Record, Feb 18, 2005 by Kara Kridler

    Interesting interview with both historical and entertainment value.

    Brandon puffs his manly huffy-puffy chest with regard to several programs such as Radio Kitchen, Sports at Large, and Blue Lines and Back Roads (where are you now, Craig Hayward? Best music program in metro Baltimore.) The Steiner Show is not mentioned. However, we note the following amusing exchange:

    Kara Kridler: WYPR is among the top 10 most-listened-to radio stations in this market, according to the latest ratings. Are you happy with the ratings?

    Tony Brandon: Our primary objective is not simply to program for ratings. We want to program for quality and educational value. However, it is gratifying to see.

  37. Dear Greg Dunn,

    Contributions like your thoughtful comment validate the existence of this blog. Good on ya.

    One quibble, though.

    I don’t consider myself (or The Steiner Show) to be “left”. I (we) are either mainstream or where the middle of the stream should be.

  38. Hopefully, since money is all that matters to WYPR, all those disturbed over Marc’s firing will pledge their money to an alternate pledge drive- also, underwriters, be they corporations or restaurants or churches or symphonies , etc., etc. should be requested NOT to give or submit zilch!
    A campaign should be mounted to display the community’s power- regardless of Dan Rodricks as a nice guy. If he’s a nice guy he’d support it, wouldn’t he?
    I invite readers to consider other creative ways of disruption and protest.
    Maybe do it as a sideline along w getting Obama elected?
    signed froginbog

  39. How about this? The money you would have given to YPR goes to the new Steiner endeavor OR …….a MARC STEINER GOLDEN PARACUTE- like the big corporate guys get?

  40. gosh- u meet so many great people on a blog like this- shedon lasker? who knew- hope i get to meet u

    by the way it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”-????

    i ain’t dat type uh guy (u can try but- i’m a militant) (a radical)

  41. i loved just words. also when you had local social entrepreneurs like the folks at healthcare for the homeless. would be great to see you guys throw some video documentaries of baltimore that you could post on the web into the mix.

  42. This was in my regular email from The Senator. It looks there was an offer by Tom to hold the Community Advisory Board at the Senator in response to requests from the community in order to accomodate as many attendees as possible. His offer was not accepted. See below.

    “Please Note:
    We recently received a number of calls and emails from individuals representing groups of WYPR FM listeners that are concerned about the abrupt recent firing of Marc Steiner. The representatives inquired if The Senator Theatre may be available to host the upcoming WYPR Community Advisory Board meeting scheduled for next Wednesday evening the 20th at the BMA. The reason given for the requests was the limited seating of the BMA auditorium and concerns that expected demand may exceed capacity and not permit all who wish to participate from attending the meeting.

    In response to the requests we contacted the CAB board representative this past Monday, relayed the concerns of those who contacted us, and offered the use of The Senator for next Wednesday’s public meeting as a 900 seat community resource. Thursday it was announced that the meeting will take place at the Baltimore Museum of Art as originally planned.

    The WYPR website states:
    WYPR’s Community Advisory Board will be holding a
    meeting on Wednesday, February 20th at 7pm. This
    meeting will be open to the public and will provide an open forum for listeners and their concerns. Seating will be available first-come first served. The meeting will be held at The Baltimore Museum of Art in the Meyerhoff Auditorium.”

  43. I was just informed that baltimoresun.com hosts an interactive Murder Map. Did you know this? I didn’t.

    The map is Baltimore-centric.

    Grim, grim, grim.

    Did you know, for example, that in the past six months through February 7, a total three victims were not black? One was a white man, one was a Hispanic man, and one was an “other” man.


  44. The WYPR schedule has not yet been updated to show the Rodricks program, as of 11 a.m.

    I hadn’t read the press release
    announcing Rodricks, until just now. This intrigues me:

    “Your Public Radio (www.wypr.org) serves the metropolitan Baltimore area and the state of Maryland. Its mission is to broadcast programs of intellectual integrity and cultural merit that enrich the minds and spirits of its listeners and ultimately strengthen the communities in which it operates.”

    What a concept! I like it!

    Don’t like the hypocrisy so much, though.

  45. Re Rodricks program: I just heard the announcement – it is to begin Feb 25. Sorry.

  46. To Ron Counsell…Thanks for the Good On Ya. Let’s go with “where the middle of the stream should be” I like that and it feels most approriate.

    To dave eberhardt…I can support Marc in his endeavors and Dan in his. And yeah, lets get Obama elected!

  47. Marc opened up public radio and took it to another level. He asked the tough questions in an effort to make our public officials accountable and to engage the public to challenge the leadership. Rodricks should be able to do the same, but Baltimore needs them both. We want to hear about solutions, not just problems. But our institutions and our leaders must be more more open, transparent, flexible and creative if they expect to meet the needs of the city.

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