2/15 Marc on Norris again!

Don’t miss Marc on the Ed Norris Show on 105.7 WHFS FM today from 10:30-11:30. He’s joining them for their news roundup. Call and be part of the show at 410-481-1057 or email theshow@ednorris.com.


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  1. It’s so good to hear Marc (the voice, the laugh) on the radio even though the content is nothing like what we took for granted over the years. I so miss listening to you while eating my lunch, Marc. Lunch just doesn’t taste the same.

  2. hey marc, we’d love to see you as a regular guest on norris, or your own show on that station. you guys would make good sparring partners.

  3. I’m listening to WYPR over the 1:00-2:00 time slot today (president’s day).

    The topic of discussion at present is which fictional movie presidents most resemble the current real-life presidential candidates.

    They took Marc of for THIS? Really? What did Marylanders do to deserve this??

    I’ve already vowed to stop giving donations until WYPR gets serious about putting the “Y” back in YPR. I didn’t think I’d have to stop listening too . . .

  4. are there any podcasts of these shows?

  5. Jessica… I will try to be there. Not to speak, but to be there. To let everyone know there are many. When I moved back to Baltimore after many years in northern California, I was astounded to discover the broad, open intellect of the Marc Steiner Show. While we mourn the disintegration of discourse in all media, we celebrate this one program that offered us the honest insight and exchange that all who wish to be good citizens treasure. Fifteen years ago in California there was a proposition on the ballot, Proposition 187, basically a precursor to the xenophobia that we hear expressed in all political campaigns from Pat Buchanan’s neo-Know-Nothing-ism to today, this aimed primarily at Mexican illegal immigrants. While all my left bias was unthinkingly opposed, there were those I recognized as people of good will who supported 187. I became desperate for a thoughtful debate on the topic to understand both sides clearly, without rancor or (liberal) prejudice. But this was nowhere to be found. Even discussions on PBS degenerated into “Jane, you ignorant slut”. What a gift to the electorate Marc Steiner would have been at that time. And what a gift he has been to his listeners and to the region. The kind of thing that make’s one want to support NPR, even with its membership dues structure that seems almost designed to exclude the working class. That’s it. Had to say it. Had to get it out. Thanks for listening. P.S.: I’d like to know more about the Center for Emerging Media. Will any material be available? Thanks for your time.

  6. To answer the last couple of questions:
    -WHFS doesn’t podcast the Ed Norris Show, yet. They did say they’re working on it.
    -Lots of projects are in the works for the Center for Emerging Media. As the plans become more concrete, we’ll announce them here on the blog. Look out for new interviews, like the ones you heard on The Marc Steiner Show. We’ll put them right here on the blog as they’re ready, should be one going up in the next few days!


  7. I’m sorry, but how does NPR’s “membership dues structure” exclude the working class?

  8. Okay, my comment on “Membership dues structure.. designed to exclude the working class” was beside the point and needlessly facetious. Do bear in mind, though, that at $65 the entry membership level is quite a chuck of change for many working people (though I see they now offer a fill-in-the-amount option), especially considering that the MPT entry category is $35. Still, my apologies.

  9. Hi Stephen,

    Are you the Stephen Agetstein that made a film of Jimmy Reed and Eddie Taylor? I’d love to see that!

    This is a longshot, and I’m sorry to bother you, but could not resist. Thank you, Kim

    Please reply to my email address!

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