02/19/08 First Day on the Job

In case you didn’t catch the news in Baltimore Business Journal or dcrtv today, thought I’d write a quick note to let everyone here know that yesterday was my last day at WYPR, and today is my first day working as a producer at the Center for Emerging Media!  I’m thrilled to be here, and looking forward to continuing working with Marc and Jessica.  The best way to contact me directly, for the time being, is justinlevy2@gmail.com.  If anyone knows who justinlevy1 is, I’d like to get in touch with him.
It’s been great to see the discussion that has exploded on the blog here the past few weeks.  Hope this will continue to grow as a place for increasingly broader discussion.
I’ve been thinking about all of these things that we would have been discussing on the air the past few weeks.  What’s been catching people’s interest lately, outside of the WYPR fiasco?  Fidel Castro plans to step down, Kosovo declares independence, the largest beef recall ever, the worst suicide bombing in Afghanistan since 2001, Obama, elections in Pakistan…

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  1. Justin,

    Good for you, man!! It’s awesome to see people following Marc into this venture (a step up from our GWC days, eh?).

    To be honest, I know that there’s crazy-important-scary-exciting things happening in the world, but I’m just hungry to hear more about what’s going on locally. I don’t want fluff or human interest pieces, per se. I want to know how our problems — drugs, violence, struggling school system — fit into larger regional/national/world trends, who’s working to make things better, how we can help.

    It would have been really interesting to hear more discussion about the Officier Rivieri incident (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GgWrV8TcUc) and cop/community relations.

  2. Actually, in addition to the results of the elections in Pakistan and Castro announcing his impending retirement(?), the big story for me today was the official end of the high-def DVD format war.
    The victory of Sony’s Blu-ray high-def DVD format over Toshiba’s HD-DVD format took me by surprise, I really thought that format war was going to go on for years and years.


  3. hi justin! i am glad marc is getting more people behind him too. after reading his history of wypr, i am just so frustrated with the whole process and i know you people will make an impact getting away from there. these days, it seems like they might as well just call the station WSUN and start getting funding from the tribune and just run glossed-over versions of national stories all day long. grr!!!

  4. Stu,

    I found that interesting too, mostly because it shows the power of Walmart. Time for a new saying? As Walmart goes, so goes the entire entertainment industry?


  5. //What’s been catching people’s interest lately, outside of the WYPR fiasco?//

    1) Hoping Obama gets the nomination without the Clinton attack machine mortally wounding him first

    2) The Orioles’ long-overdue rebuilding job! VIVE MACPHAIL!

  6. Thanks, Abby. It’s great to hear that you’re so eager to delve into what’s going on here locally, as I know so many others are, as well. You can be assured that we’re going to keep a strong local focus.
    I watched the Officer Rivieri video the night that the Sun posted it on their website. It’s amazing to think how that’s captivated people around the country and world at this point, and it raises all kinds of issues ripe for discussion.


  7. Hi Everyone,
    Is there anyone going to the meeting tonight from the Patterson Park area with whom I and a friend may catch a ride? Please let me know etrford@aol.com.

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