2/20 A few words from Marc

Hello everyone,

I have a few short reflections after seeing what I wrote last night. I don’t want to fall into the trap of he said/she said quarrel of inconsequential detail. On some levels I have allowed myself to do that.

First, I realized when I spoke of the $750,000 raised that I inadvertently left out that $70 some thousand dollars of that amount was really contributed or in a sense forgiven by Johns Hopkins University. I realized after I sent it in to my blog that I left that line out.

Second, I want to be clear how grateful all of us should be to the original guarantors. Bill Clarke, Jonathan Melnick, Anne and Jane Daniels, Tony Brandon, Charlie Salisbury, Earl and Darielle Linehan, Tom and Barbara Bozzuto and Albert Williams. Without their guarantees we could not have saved the radio station for Baltimore. I just want to be absolutely clear about that.

Finally, the problems boil down to certain things that leadership of the station just doesn’t get.

  1. This should have been a partnership between guarantors, contributors and members to create a board to oversee the fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities of WYPR

  2. Martha Rudski, WJHU Marketing Director, came up with the name Your Public Radio because we believed we could create a truly powerful and unique institution that belonged to this community.

  3. When we first started, the story around NPR was the amazing marriage between this conservative Republican corporate executive and a community activist talk show host known for his progressive leanings coming together to build a community radio station. My belief in the myth hurt us all.

  4. All this is madness. There was never any concrete reason for it to happen. They keep changing their story as to what led to the end of my show because they are grasping for straws. There is no reason other than a deep personal and political dislike for me from Tony Brandon and a few others. They could not stand what I stood for, or that I was the face and voice of the station. Ray Blank, the station consultant, has said to me more than once that they see you getting all the recognition. They feel they deserve some. I always gave it to them.

  5. So, all this is for what?


I have nothing left to say unless they come at me or at the public with more specious comments.

See you tonight.



9 Responses

  1. Marc,
    I was sorry to hear that this has happened. You have had a profound impact on society through your active stance on many things. I smile when I ontroduce myself as Marc Steiner and get asked, ‘The talk show host?”

  2. To Marc and all my new friends:
    Regardless of the situation….
    was tonight great or what?!?!
    Young and old, black and white,
    gay and straight, urban and suburban,
    college professors and schoolbus drivers..
    It was a night I’ll always remember.
    Thank you Marc.
    I hope you felt surrounded by the love and appreciation for all that you’ve done for our community.
    I was proud to be there.


    There will probably be a thread about the cab meeting tomorrow… But I just got home from the CAB meeting and felt like I needed to express what I was feeling.

    I’ve never been with such a empassioned, articulate group of people… As a listener and fan (if that is the right word) of Marc’s for over 10 years…. I felt like I was with a “commmunity” of folks who got it…. They understood that this was not just a talk show host…. that Marc was not only part of Baltmore …. but that he was essential for Baltimore…. that he touched and made a difference in people’s lives…. and that he was/is an a vital part of the community discource on some of our most pressing issues….

    Tonight I felt like I was part of sometihng very special, something important . I was awed and at times humbled by the speakers and their words and experiences…..

    And I think …. that is the gift Marc has given us all…. to be part of something special… part of the community in which we live…. He has enlghtened us, at times challenged us, allowed us to be part of the discource ,and hopefully helped us be bettter citizens and stewarts of our community and neighbors….

    And that simply can’t be replaced…

    Admittedly I have been cynical about WYPR taking Marc back ( or even if he would be wiling to come back without significant changes to the station’s policies) But tonight I felt like it it could actually happen…. I’m not typically one to be swayed by emotion, but something very special happened tonight…..

    Ralph Moore Stated early on in the Meeting “Yes we can” I felt that…. !!! I don’t know what that means…. But I felt that WYPR management was delivered a powerful message… I think everyone at the BMA experienced that message…. and I hope Marc felt it as well…. that he has achieved what he sought out to do….. that was embodied in passion and voices that were heard tonight….. Sounds cheesy but there is a line from Star Wars running through my head…. Ben Kebnobe says…. “You can’t win Darth… if you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine….”
    I said it was cheesy !!!

    But this action against Marc … against public radio supporters, and against the community…. has started something….

    it has energized people not ony to Marc’s situation but also what public radio should be about…. it also highlighted not only the great need we have in the city… but the folks, and groups who are comimtted to touching those in need. More than hearing it… you felt it !!!

    Tonight was very special and I am feel grateful to have been a part of it…

    Michael Derry .

  4. Well, folks tonight was incredible. I can’t think of a time that I have been on the same page with so many people at the same time in the same place.

    I look forward to our continued work and the changes that our work will ignite.

    Thank you, Marc. It was said that you are a catalyst. Thank you, very much.

  5. Allow me to paraphrase the best quote of the night (and that’s saying something):

    “I walked away wondering what kind of idiot could possibly hate Johnny Cash for being a ‘convicted felon’….And that was the first and only time I met Tony Brandon.”

    Also loved Irene Smith giving Tony her WYPR mug. Brilliant.

  6. As much as I abhor the course of events that brought us all together last night, it was really thrilling to be in a room with all of you. So much energy for good, such a diverse, articulate, engaged group of people…and such a testament to the vital importance and unique qualities of Marc’s work.

    I’ve always appreciated the sense of community created by Marc’s show, but it was so heartening to see you all in person! May your words and your efforts find their mark, and turn this terrible mistake around.

  7. I left last night feeling that what I experienced at the meeting was indeed very special. I am not one to write on blogs, e-mail all the staff with contact info on the WYPR site when I heard about Marc’s firing, write to Marc, sign the petition, etc. I found myself asking why was I compelled to come out for this particular issue? As so many people expressed in more eloquent words than I ever could, I realized that it was because Marc gave all of us who don’t have always have a voice – a voice and a platform to discuss issues that mattered to us. Something that is scarce in today’s media. Marc and the show was good for the community and for the public – he represented what public radio and service should and could be. As someone who feels timid about voicing opinions publicly, I felt that Marc’s voice often represented mine and I now feel more empowered that perhaps I can make a difference and that my voice does matter. Thank you, Marc.

  8. I was glad to have made the meeting and heard all the speakers. I wanted to show support for not just Marc, but the idea of community radio as well. I really feel like I’ve lost something wth the whole firing/cancelation of Marc. I look forward to hearing and thinking with Marc again, although I really think it won’t be with YPR – and that makes me sad, for the loss of what was and what could be. Brandon’s comments here http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wypr/news.newsmain?action=article&ARTICLE_ID=1231641 make me feel like nothing will change for the better wiht him at the helm and another venue will be better for Marc, for the community, for me. Marc is one of the highest quality hosts I’ve heard; Rodericks won’t fill his shoes. And I really don’t understand what all this was for – hey Tony, was this worth it?

    Marc, keep me posted where you land next.

  9. I’m a journalist who has been on about 700 talk shows and Marc was one of the best, one of my favorites and all too rare a voice on the airwaves.

    Thanks, Marc for all the good you’ve done and encouraged others to do.

    Keep the faith,

    Sam Smith
    Washington DC

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