CAB Meeting still on as of 2:50 pm

Hi All,

 I just spoke with the communications people at the Baltimore Museum of Art and they said the CAB meeting is still on.

You can call WYPR at 410-235-1660 and the BMA at 443-573-1870 for updates as the event draws closer.  If we hear that it is being canceled, we will let you know.
We know that no one likes to be out in the snow.  But we hope you will brave the elements and make it out tonight.  Your support is crucial.

3 Responses

  1. Had hoped to make tonight’s meeting but I live in Cecil County. We have been written out of WYPR’s plans for several years and it is too far to drive in tonight’s weather. It was made clear to me several years ago that WYPR wasn’t my radio station and apparently it now isn’t a lot of other people’s as well. It is unfortunate that WYPR isn’t committed to serving the state of Maryland It is somewhat ironic that WYPR does occasionally cover the first congressional district when a lot of the voters in that district can’t even listen.

  2. The weather has cleared up here and the roads look fine–please, everyone, come!

  3. This was sent to The Sun papers on February 27, ’08 the day after the editorial about “Marc’s lacked intellectual depth”. They did not publish it!

    Re: “Steiner’s lack of intellectual depth…” February 26, 2008

    You could call Marc Steiner a maverick, a rebel, a street-corner boy but not one who “lacked intellectual depth.” He may be an unpolished intellectual, not from an ivy league schools, but as many of us would say, he’s a diamond in the rough!

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