3/5/08 The Wire Podcasts: Robert Chew, aka Proposition Joe

We’re back again today with another fantastic interview for you.  Last week Marc sat down with Robert Chew, the Baltimore native who has portrayed the east Baltimore drug lord Proposition Joe for the past several years on the hit HBO series The Wire.  Prop Joe, as he came to be known, was an iconic figure that represented a time in Baltimore where the drug trade was less violent and bloody, when word was bond, and “The Game” was something very different than what it is today.

Click here to steam that interview.  Or, right click here and choose “Save Target As.”  Running time is 34 minutes.  You can read the transcript here.

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5 Responses

  1. FYI Just received this………

    Letter from Barbara Bozzuto, Chair of WYPR’s Board of Directors:

    Dear WYPR Listener,

    Thank you for sharing your reaction to the cancellation of The Marc Steiner Show. I wish to offer you, our listener, some further information, and more importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to re-affirm the responsibilities that WYPR has in the community and to share our vision for the future.

    Declining ratings were emphasized as the reason for the show’s cancellation out of a desire to avoid any public discussion of complicated personnel issues. In retrospect I realize that you deserve more than a partial reason and one which, unfortunately, has created the impression that our motivations are the same as those which drive commercial radio. The fact is that the day-to-day interactions and decisions that need to be made to keep an operation like WYPR moving forward require cooperation, teamwork, and a shared purpose. While still respecting private personnel records, I just want to say that it became obvious that attempts to resolve disagreements on a variety of matters had failed. Change is always difficult but we must move forward.

    WYPR is an organization of unquestionable value to this community and one which can grow even stronger. Operating under a Strategic Plan established in 2003, Tony Brandon and WYPR’s staff of forty dedicated professionals have expanded the station’s broadcasting to Frederick and Ocean City, completed the conversion to a more powerful digital signal capable of multi-channel broadcasting, and expanded programming to include such popular local shows as The Signal, Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast, Digital Cafe, Sports at Large, Backstage at the BSO, and Postcards from the Walters. We now have a fully operational and growing local news department. WYPR’s budget has increased from $1.7 million in 2002 to more than $4.2 million dollars in 2007. With sound financial planning, the station reduces its debt each year and operates within a carefully approved annual budget. Your approval of the changes is manifested by the annual increase in membership and listener support.

    You, and our many listeners and members, are the lifeblood of this station. Some of WYPR’s listeners have expressed their concerns about the station’s commitment to the mission of public radio. I pledge to you that WYPR will continue to embrace enthusiastic dialogue and open discussion of issues that concern you. Public access to the airways will continue to be the mainstays of our programming. Our newest programming addition, Midday with Dan Rodricks, shares those ideals and will further those common goals with an experienced voice.

    Everyone at WYPR is deeply grateful for your support, enthusiasm and passion for Baltimore’s public radio station and in the coming months we will reach out to our listeners to renew their confidence that we are partners in this enterprise and that we share the same ideals for public radio. I thank you for your financial support and for caring so deeply about WYPR.

    Barbara Bozzuto
    Chair of WYPR’s Board of Directors

  2. These Wire interviews are great, which is saying something because I haven’t seen the show.

    The downside is, now I need to spring for the DVDs.


  3. Ron–save your money. Sign up for netflix!


  4. http://savewypr.wordpress.com

    Anyone who cares about WYPR should go to this blog–the editors want to help organize everyone to help save WYPR from Brandon and Bozzuto!

  5. Sandy,

    What would be the main goal, or one or two major goals, of the effort to save WYPR? Do the editors want to buy out Brandon and Bozzuto?

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