3/20/08 The Wire Podcasts: Nina K. Noble


Nina Noble and friends accepting the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries for HBO’s The Corner in 2000.  She is on far left.

I have major sympathy for Nina Noble.  We share a job title (okay, well her title has the fancy ‘Executive’ in front of it) and people are constantly asking me “What does a producer DO?”  I imagine she gets the same question.  I always like to answer, “I do all the work” and then flash a smile.  If Marc is around, I will usually add jokingly, “…and he gets all the glory.” (Fair enough, really, considering he also has to bear the brunt of all the criticism!)

But seriously, Nina Noble had a gigantic job as Executive Producer of The Wire.  From convincing the Port of Baltimore to let them shoot scenes on location to keeping track of the hundreds of characters David Simon and the other writers created, it’s a wonder she didn’t burn out long ago.  But as she told Marc when she sat down for an interview about the experience of working on The Wire, this is the only job she is suited for.

Click here to stream the interview.  Right click here and select “Save Target As” in order to download this onto your computer.  Want to get this in iTunes?  Instructions are below, just click “Read More”. Running time is 40:20.

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11 Responses

  1. Sean Carton was iced in, had some idle time, and came up with this.

    Thank you Susan Anthony, for the heads-up.

  2. Who are those other people?

  3. I just heard a speech from Amy Goodman, which reminds me to ask these questions:

    Marc, in your judgement, would airing “Democracy Now” on WYPR ever be a realistic possibility under present management? Was the possibility discussed during your tenure there? If yes, what were the pros and cons, and why was the decision made to not broadcast the program?

  4. Saturday night, I diaried another compilation of citations for news about Africa. The comment thread probably is more interesting than the diary. Most of the comments are not about Africa.

    I cited one article from the Baltimore Sun and one from AP. Those stories were so marginally related to the topic that I should have omitted them. Of the other 29 stories, concerning 12 countries, only one was from a U.S. source, Nasdaq-Dow Jones.

    American journalism is in a sorry, tattered, shabby condition, and anyone who depends on it is poorly informed. Heaven help us.

  5. Addendum to the WYPR announcement of the April 15 meeting of the increasingly meaningless BoD of the Your Public Radio Corporation:

    The board will not engage in public deliberation on matters relating to any one individual employee. As provided by federal law, the board may conduct an executive (closed) session to discuss such matters.

  6. Ron

    “May” does not mean “must” or “is required”, but they will hide behind this. I bet that that first sentence isn’t in the NPR bylaws; it is not a quote of the bylaws, just their legal fig leaf.

    Of course as the City Paper article has Marc stating, the issue is public radio’s takeover by corporate interests, not Marc himself. It is not about one individual, its about their false pretense to be a non profit/NPR licensee.

    We should get as many as possible to the April 1 CAB meeting to see what they say, fer shure!

  7. Joe, I confess my slackerliness. I haven’t been checking the CAB page, and I was completely unaware about any impending CAB meeting. Thank you for the information. I will comment at the CAB blog.

    The next Community Advisory Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 1 2008 @ 6pm in the Hess Board Room at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Community Advisory Board meetings are open to the public and you are warmly invited to attend.

    The Baltimore Musuem of Art
    10 Art Museum Drive
    Baltimore, MD 21218

    Please call Victoria Liberman at (443) 573-1710 if you have any questions.

    Might as well post other information from the same page:

    The CAB met for a closed, working session on Tuesday, February 26 to discuss the open-forum meeting as well as questions for the board and management of WYPR.

    Another closed, working session of the CAB was held on Wednesday, March 12 and the CAB’s Steering Committee members asked questions of a delegation of WYPR’s board and management. The Steering Committee will deliver this information to the full CAB at its April 1 meeting.

    With regard to the comment about the BoD meeting, I think it is defiantly cowardly. How can those people put their lipstick on straight, not being able to look at themselves in the mirror?

  8. All mention of the fundraising drive, scheduled to begin April 2, has been scrubbed from the WYPR website, far as I can determine. Does anyone know if the drive is still on the schedule, or has it been cancelled again?

  9. Have you been in Mount Vernon Place recently?

    It’s weird.

  10. Thank you so much for these interviews, Marc.

    I’m from Oakland California and unfortunately I never had the opportunity to hear your show, but you’re great at what you do. And the people involved in creating The Wire are always fascinating to listen to.

  11. Important correction: the April 2 fund drive is prominently mentioned in the “Volunteers Needed” page at WYPR.

    This page must have been there when I looked last night – I guess I shouldn’t post comments late at night.

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