Questions for Mayor Dixon

On April 21st, we’re going to City Hall to interview Sheila Dixon, Mayor of Baltimore.  So, send us questions that you want the Mayor to answer.  You have issues in your neighborhood, bring them up.  Questions about any policy issues, or crime or poverty?  You can send us political questions about Annapolis and the coming Presidential election.  They are all fair game.  We may not be able to take your calls, but we can take your questions.  We’ll use them to help plan our interview, which will of course be available right here as a CEM podcast.  Thanks!!

7 Responses

  1. Please ask her about her blatant flip-flop on slots. She contended that she was against slots in the city during her mayoral campaign. Before she was even officially sworn in as mayor, she was down in Annapolis lobbying the Maryland General Assembly to put slots in Baltimore…and, not just IN Baltimore, but at a specific location in southwest Baltimore on the exact piece of land that she had just awarded exclusive land rights to developer Sam Polakoff of Comony Inc. Ask Dixon , not only, why, but how she could claim the city will use revenues collected from the planned slots facility to cut property taxes of city residents when the city will essentially only be a landlord to Comony Inc. which will receive the slots revenue as owner of the slots facility. Ask Dixon why she sold city resident out so quickly and so cheaply. Thank you.

  2. Please ask the Mayor about her removing all support for Community Schools out of the budget. It was through her insight and research that Baltimore came to embrace the concept of community schools. It is unfortunate that in the implementation of the community school practices the most important step was missed..planning. Even with that missing step, the 43 community school sites have seen significant impact in community mobilization, the brokering in of needed resources. increases in activities to increase or maintain attendance, efforts to address positive school climate and ways to address safety issues both inside and outside of the school and also increases in parental involvement and engagement. It is crucial that as a city being watched by many in the nation for its advanced initiative that shows a clear partnership between the city and the school system, Baltimore does not move to the next “flavor of the month”. We would all hope that we would use what we have learned thus far to move into a building ..planning …sustainability process that will maintain the Community School Initiative and use it as the conduit for the implementation for other best practices to address the needs of our youth and families, our communities and schools.

  3. First, Mayor Sheila Dixon is doing a terrific job in running Baltimore City. Her energy and high expectations are inspiration for others to roll up our sleeves and follow.

    Focus on keeping Baltimore attractive –Cleaner and Greener – basic services on the street and alleys. Update and maintain infrastructure for residents, businesses, visitors.

    Schools – Dr Andres is right in shaking things up at North Avenue. We are losing our kids by middle school. We are losing people who vote with their feet, whether dropping out, or else move to the sprawl of the counties. Baltimore has so much to offer to newcomers and native people. Baltimore has welcomed people to a unique Mid-Atlantic east coast life. Please help in keeping our families, our neighborhoods stable for each generation.

  4. Mayor Dixon’s administration has surprised me on her follow through on many veneer improvements to parks and streets (even if the signs are now falling over and streetlights are put in at odd angles ). I will certainly admit to being more positive than I would have suspected given the previous administrations abandonment of the city in a race for the state.
    My catch all question for Ms. Dixon is how does corruption in this city at the government level going to be addressed as this is a fundamental problem that affects all other issues. I will not point fingers, as corruption and favoritism has been well documented in various news stories. Graft appears to be a long standing tradition in Baltimore that to this point has been unchecked by city residents who fail to make the connection that it impacts their everyday existence in forms of taxes, school efficiency, basic services, retention of property and quality of life.
    Looking to Philadelphia where the citizens finally swept out the incumbents because of corruption, does Ms. Dixon see the possibility for a preemptive strike? Given that Baltimore is attracting monied outside interests by way of new residents and business owners that are less likely to stand for the political shenanigans of yesteryear I hope she will give the issue a good hard look. Politicians should be increasingly aware that party affiliation and political connections no longer safeguard approval rating or chances for re – election.
    If Ms. Dixon does not recognize this problem it speaks volumes about her willingness to make real, root level change in Baltimore.

  5. Saint Paul Street south of University Parkway feels like a test track for Army tanks. Are there any plans to do something to repair some of the major roads in the city?

  6. I want to say I think Mayor Dixon is doing a great job so far. Homicide is way down and I think a lot of that has to do with her support for community policing.

    As a young woman, I love living in the city, walking to our area attractions, dining in local restaurants, and shopping in local stores. I am also eager to become a homeowner. I would like to buy in the city, but am concerned about property taxes being so high here–enough so that I find myself thinking I will have to move out of the city. Could Mayor Dixon discuss some of the programs available to help first time homebuyers and also what she is doing to address issues of property tax?

  7. After that last drop of oil is pumped, a big change is going to happen. Our communities are going to become radically different. Despite whatever new technologies we develop, human culture will fundamentally shift back to a culture that is not car-centric. This is going to happen sooner than we expect. What is Mayor Dixon doing to prepare Baltimore City for this?

    I’d like to take this opportunity to remind her that Washington DC did not put their subway in until t he 1970’s. It is not too late!

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