Protest Links

Lots of people are asking how they can get involved in protesting WYPR’s decision to fire Marc Steiner.  Here are some websites that can offer more information on that.

*Marc Steiner is not involved with these websites.  We’re just linking to them!*

 Bring Marc Steiner Back-A website with information on how to get in touch with underwriters, Community Advisory Board Members, WYPR Board of Director members, and essays on why this firing is important to YOU.

Save Steiner Show-a website run by local activists with information on how to join the daily demonstrations outside of WYPR.

Bring Marc Steiner Back petition-Sign a petition decrying this move by WYPR.

Wear protest threads-Link to a Cafepress store where a listener has set up a tshirt shop supporting Marc Steiner

 Support Steiner on Facebook-On Facebook? Join this group to show your support.

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