12/3 Google’s Energy Initiative


Recently Google announced its plans to spend tens of millions on research, development and related investments in renewable energy. Google believes it can produce electricity at scale cost less than coal. It also believes it can do this in years, not decades.

With Google taking the lead, what does this say about the future of energy development? Will Google’s initiative spur the government, and other businesses, to step up their efforts to find alternative, renewable and sustainable energy sources? Tune in and let us know what you think.

                                                                                                                                    – Marcus

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One Response

  1. Hi Mark!
    I called today during you’re show on alternatives to fossil fuels about the work at Perdue University using a gallium aluminum alloy to create hydrogen from water. Here’s the link:


    In short:

    This solves the distribution problem of Hydrogen caused by it’s low mass.

    Will work in current combustion engine with only pollutant is water, which can be recycled into the process to reduce amount of water needed to be carried. No CO2 produced burning H!

    World has enough excess proved reserves of aluminum to fuel 60% of transportation. The spent aluminum can be re-smelted and recovered 50 to 70%.

    Gallium, while rarer, is available in enough supply and is completely reusable since it’s role is to suppress the formation of a layer of aluminum oxide which normally protects aluminum from this reaction.

    Competitive to gas at $3.00/gallon.


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